Let the crazy begin

Our house is crazy. There’s no other way around it. You might picture us sitting quietly around the dinner passing our tender pot roast around the table using all of our “please and thank you’s”. Let me assure you that’s not the case. Let me draw reality for you…..

Lastnights chili was wonderful. In my mind. Our only boy didn’t think so. He insisted on making himself a salad. The newly mopped floor was covered in bits of lettuce, peppers and onions by the time he was done. Hubs wanted to know where the homemade bread was. (I never made it due to the mountain of laundry) The oldest three girls were having a rather heated discussion about passing notes to boys during school. And did I mention that someone spills their drink at EVERY SINGLE MEAL. I’m about to buy sippy cups for everyone. Teenagers and parents included. 


You know what? I love this crazy life. Do I wish for windows without fingerprints? Yep. Do I long for bread that isn’t mooshed on the way home from the grocery store? Certainly. Am I desperate for time to myself? Absolutely.  Am I irritated that one of the girls punched the other, square in the nose, on the way to school this morning? You better believe it. 

Those quiet times that I long for will all come. Someday. Just not now. And that’s alright. I’ve cinched up my big girl panties for the day and I’m determined to make the best of today. After all, I have so much to be thankful for. Really. My list is long. 

Salvation. My man. My marriage. My kids. Our health. An eternity in heaven. Our home. Our church. Our freedom. Even the simplest things – my garden. My bed. Nature. Music. Sound. And…..CHOCOLATE. The list could go on and on and on. 

So….even though the crazy in my house has already begun for the day, I’m ok. Im choosing thankfulness. An attitude of gratitude. I’m off to make homemade chocolate chip cookies for an after school snack for my nose punching, girls fighting over boys, salad mess making children –  That I love dearly. 

Chili in the Instapot

IMG_2242I’m an Instapot lover. This handy kitchen tool is saving marriages around the globe! As a mom of seven, my time is always consumed with busyness. Busy in the kitchen, busy in the garden, busy at the diaper changing table, busy driving kids around, busy helping hubs – the list doesn’t end. And I know many of you are on the move too and need more time. So, buy an Instapot.

Lastnight at bedtime, I threw dry beans and raw hamburger into my Instapot, and I went to bed. Today I will pluck garden fresh tomatoes and toss them in the Ninja, (another life changing kitchen tool). My tomato juice and some fresh onions will also go into my Instapot. I’ll add some chili and garlic powder and my dinner will be done for tonight. My chili is thick and will keep us full. It’s around 6 smart points per cup for those counting.

If the babies nap peacefully, and my dishes are caught up, I’ll make some homemade bread to go with the chili. However, the chances are higher that I’ll spend nap time folding a mountain of laundry or cleaning out my garden.

Our time is precious isn’t it?  If only there were two of us. My hubs is an excellent helper but he does not have the mind of a mom. 🙂  Each of us need to be good stewards of the minutes and hours that we are given. We mustn’t squander them. We won’t ever get to redo today! Let’s go girls! Make today count! Get the chili cookin. Cover your hubs in prayer while you do it.

💛 Sal.

Livin the dream

Stay at home moms are supposed to be bloggers, right? At least according to “Moms Night Out” they are.

I’m a stay home mom. I have been for sixteen years. I have at least another sixteen years to do the same. I care for our seven children, while my hubs brings home the bacon.

I want an outlet to share my story. I know that my expieriences in this life are to help others. Maybe even you. I’ll share my recipes, tips on parenting, ideas on how to better love your man, and whatever else comes at me, in this blog.

So tonight I’ll leave you with just one thing. Remember this: our babies will only be little once. They won’t beg to be held, or squeal over play dough when they are 18. Try to find the joy in every moment of raising your babies. The time will be gone