Laugh at yourself. Or me.

My mom has always taught me that you have to be able to laugh at your own mistakes. With time I’m getting better at it.

Today I had one baby with me at the store. She was particularly a handful today and I had a lot on my mind. Now those may sound like excuses for the story I’m about to tell you…. because they are! LOL!

I was in Meijers putting my groceries on the conveyor when Tim called. He asked me to go to the bank and withdraw $200. As I hung up the phone the cashier told me that my bill came to 60 some dollars.

Now in my mind I was trying to save time and I thought to myself I would just ask for cashback and that way I would not have to make a trip to the bank.

Makes sense right?

I handed the cashier $60 and I asked him for $200 cash back.

We both just stared at each other.

I know his mind was thinking what an idiot I was! At that moment I could choose to be embarrassed or I could choose to laugh at my own mistake. I chose the laughter! And then I said to the guy “oh sheesh I thought I was using my debit card” and we both laughed and I was on my way.

My tired brain makes a lot of these kind of mistakes. Maybe yours does too. So laugh at yourself. And if you don’t make these kind of mistakes then you can just laugh at me!

Tired brained momma,


Author: missionroadfam

We are in love with Jesus, each other and our seven babies!!!

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