Poison ivy

If I even say the “p” word I start itching. The stuff just makes me miserable. I get it every single year from cleaning brush and from hauling hay and firewood. Last summer it spread all over my entire body. I finally went to the dr for some help. He gave me a shot but also told me an at home remedy which has proven to be on the miracle level for me.

When I know that poison ivy and I have crossed paths, I start taking Zan-Tac. Yes, the medicine for heartburn. Lol! I take it every day until the rash is gone. This last round of poison ivy did not get bigger than the size of a quarter! I also use hydrocortisone to help, IF, it itches. Somehow the Zan-Tac helps it to not even itch. So there you have it. Get outside and do some spring cleaning. And then buy some Zan-Tac!

Author: missionroadfam

We are in love with Jesus, each other and our seven babies!!!

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