Bacteria lab

We all know the smell of that nasty dish rag that gets discovered at the bottom of the sink. Or the towel that’s been soaking wet all weekend long and hidden under a teenagers bed. The smell is enough to make you gag. Sometimes tossing these bacteria labs into the washing machine isn’t enough to kill whatever is lurking in their depths.

I know I can’t be the only one to grab a towel after a nice hot shower and sink my face into its softness only to gag on the smell of it. Man I hate that!


I’ve ended that in my house. And it’s so cheap. So easy. I can’t imagine why I haven’t done it sooner!

Wash all of your towels together. Use the hottest water and your normal soap. In the softener dispenser add a cup full of vinegar. It really debunks the ickies that hide in the fibers of your towels and wash rags. Your towels will come out of the dryer so fluffy and so clean smelling! And no, they won’t smell like vinegar. Not only that! The vinegar rinses down your washer at the same time and leaves it smelling so clean!

Happy laundry duty to you! ❤️

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Author: missionroadfam

We are in love with Jesus, each other and our seven babies!!!

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