Here in Michigan we been told that we are going to get really hard with snow. We woke up to a few inches. 🙄 I was really hoping for some grand pile up! The kind where you have to shovel your way to your mailbox. Like the storm of 78! That woulda been sooo awesome!!!!! But for now, I’ll be tickled with a few inches of the pretty stuff that we got and hope for more.

My desire for deep snow comes from living in Alaska. Deep snow always meant – everyone stays home. It meant warm bread and soup and friends to stay up late with. Those memories are sweet.

The year before we left Alaska we got 196″ of snow that winter. It doesn’t snow 1/4″ at a time up there. It snows half and whole feet! Because of the amount we had to shovel our rooftops several times. If you can imagine…..all the snow falling off the garage piled up so high that it touched the roof. So the kids could easily climb the snow pile and play on top of the garage. What a year that was. It was almost like a going away gift from the Lord.

Each of us have special memories that stick in our minds. Alaska is one for me. The Lord did so much in my heart in the years that we lived there. We lived on the side of a mountain that overlooked the ocean and more mountains. The place is as gorgeous as can be. Ohhh the memories. The eagles. The bears. The sharks. The fishing and hunting and hiking. The friends. The lessons we learned. It’s all tucked away in my heart. And today, on this beautiful snow day, I’m reminded of it all.

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Author: missionroadfam

We are in love with Jesus, each other and our seven babies!!!

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