Tis the season to soak yourself in Lysol! It’s my new perfume these days. (Just kidding. Don’t spray it on yourself, for those of you who are very literal.)

As moms, we use the Lysol wipes, the Lysol multi purpose, the Lysol shower and the Lysol perfume on every surface known to man, as the flu hits this time of the year, right?

This week I bought a scent that’s new to me.

I use this on all my kitchen counters, light switches, door knobs, my kitchen table and benches, bathroom sinks and faucets etc. My fav place to use this is in the kitchen sink! After I do my dishes and wash the sink out, I spray my white, enamel coated, sink with this cherry blossom and pomegranate spray. The bleach keeps my sink white and sparkly. I loooove that the spray continues smelling when I reuse the sink! This smell is not eye burning. It’s very pleasant.

So, do your part to ward off that nasty flu bug. Pick up some Lysol!

Author: missionroadfam

We are in love with Jesus, each other and our seven babies!!!

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